👋 Hello,

My name is Trevor Atlas – I'm a Software Developer and Designer based in Virginia.

For 6 years, I've worked at agencies and startups building functional and intuitive interfaces, flexible and robust services, and powerful mobile applications.

When I'm not building user interfaces in React, most of my day-to-day work involves microservices in AWS using Terraform to scaffold infrastructure, Typescript and Go for application logic and Postgres/Redis as a data store. I've also been working on mobile applications with React Native and Expo.


Vör – Jira & Git made simple

Vör is a CLI tool that makes it easy to connect Jira and Git/Github - all without leaving the command line!

Monkey Interpreter

A tree-walking interpreter for the Monkey programming language, written in golang

Typescript Dependency Injection

A simple DI library based on decorators, for Typescript


Pathfinding Algorithm Visualizer

Visualize different pathfinding algorithms

Numeric Base Converter

convert decimal numbers to other bases

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