Hi there, I'm Trevor Atlas

I'm a tech enthusiast with over a decade of experience building web applications and software.

I am currently employed at HubSpot, where I write applications, infrastructure, tools, and services in Typescript and Node.

I've worked on everything from local business sites to large-scale international SaaS applications, and I'm well-versed in both front-end and back-end technologies like React, React-Native, Typescript, Rust, Go, Java, and PHP. I also have experience with cloud infrastructure, having worked extensively in AWS using Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, APIGateway etc. I'm also well versed in various CI/CD tools, and Infrastructure As Code (primarily through Terraform).

Values I live by


I strongly believe in the value of kindness and that being kind to those around you is essential if you want reach your full potential. You can be the smartest, most 'correct' software engineer in the world, but if you're not kind to the people around you, you'll never reach your full potential. More than what you say or do, people remember how you make them feel. Be excellent to each other.

Share knowledge

One of the biggest things that has helped me learn and grow is sharing what I know with others. Between blog posts, talks, 1:1s and code reviews, I force myself into situations where I have to be accountable to those around me to really know my stuff. (Or find someone who does)

Collaborate with others

I firmly believe that when we work together with others, we can achieve much greater things than we could on our own. Collaboration with others is almost like a super power and I firmly believe that those who are most successful lift others up and celebrate their successes as a team. We can accomplish so much more together than apart.

Dall-e austronaut
Dall-E makes some pretty cool stuff!

Some of my hobbies include...

Digital Art

A red car
fractal shapes
pulp fiction

Hiking & being outdoors

Manassas battlefields
A waterfall in the hills
rock formations over water
West coast beach

Being a cat dad

cat sleeping in my lap
cat sleeping in a blanket
cat sleeping in bed
Cats looking cute