'How do I make a union type of strings from constants in another file in Typescript?'

February 18th 2022
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I have a file containing constants that I would like to create a string union from. How can I do that?

in constaints.ts

export const MY_NAME = 'Trevor';
export const I_LIKE = 'Music';
export const MY_CAT = 'IS_CUTE';

in some other typescript file:

import * as Constants from './constants';

type ValueOf<T> = T[keyof T];

// 'MY_NAME' | 'I_LIKE' | 'MY_CAT';
export type KeyUnionOfConstants = keyof typeof Constants;

// 'Trevor' | 'Music' | 'IS_CUTE';
export type ValueUnionOfConstants = ValueOf<typeof Constants>;


But why does this work?

import * as Constants from './constants'; imports each export from constants.ts as a key/value pair in an object that looks like this:

	MY_NAME: 'Trevor',
	I_LIKE: 'Music',

typeof Constants is just that object expressed as a type, which looks identical.

keyof typeof Constants is each unique key in that type: MY_NAME, I_LIKE, and MY_CAT.

ValueOf is slightly more complicated, but essentially it's a way of saying "Get each key from some type called T, and use it to get the value inside T" or another way of thinking about it:

const example = {
  MY_NAME: 'Trevor',
  I_LIKE: 'Music',

const valuesFromExample = [];
for (const key in example) {
console.log(valuesFromExample); // ['Trevor', 'Music', 'IS_CUTE']

ValueOf is doing something similar but with type information instead of actual runtime values. 'Give me the values contained inside a given object generically represented as T'.